Sean and Cynthia are both graduates of Rhode Island School of Design. Sean is an established designer shaping products for the home, while Cynthia is an insider in the high-end furnishings industry. Now they have combined their keen artistic and business sensibilities to bring these sculpted furniture designs to life.

Sean is recognized as an accomplished artisan designer. With his sculptural methodology, unique construction methods he translates inspiring natural influences—water patterns, transitions of erosion, aquatic life, and rock formations—into sensuous designs for the home.

In a workshop located in the mountains of Java, the furniture is handmade by Cynthia's father, Ray Hindarto and his partner Lana Dewi Tedja, both established custom residential architects in Indonesia. Sean sculpts and refines his designs and then travels to his partner’s workshop to teach a small group of talented master craftsman how to reproduce his furniture designs. 

For Sean, designing furniture is all about conveying the sense of touch into the finished piece, inviting people to use not only their eyes but their hands when viewing his design. "Tactile relations with my designs are crucial to my process. My creativity peaks when I am in the workshop, covered in dust, sculpting with chisel or rasp in hand. Touch is a powerful sense that guides me, which is distinctive in the design world."

The furniture designs of Sean O’Hara illustrate a clear comprehension and mastery of natural form, keen aesthetic sensibilities, and meticulous, artistic attention to detail. This combination is as appealing to the eye as it is to the touch.


If you would like to view more of Sean's designs outside of furniture, please visit the website below...